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I want to scream at you
Thousands of words which
you do not deserve

I want to hug you tightly just like
you ask of me bury my crying face
safely in your chest

I want to write you every lyric and
every sentence that makes me
think of you days and days on end

I want to do whatever is easier

than to convince you I don’t need you
anymore while I’m not yet convinced myself

than to smile at you like you’re a friend trying
to hide the love still glowing in my eyes

Than to know I’ll only get hurt again if
I fall back into the arms I crave for badly

I want to tell you the way the univere
keeps creating and distroying
itself without really knowing

I want to do everything that is easier
 And everything is easier
   Than to be loving you
I cant be the only one now can I?
I just do NOT function in a school system. I can't sit still for an hour straight. Can't listen to long stories that only vaguely add to the subject and I can not read a book and just save whatever is important inside my head. I can't sit down to do my homework or quizzes and even if I somehow manage to do that for a little while, I can't answer the questions without the knowledge of the books and the lessons. I'm smart enough, finished my highschool without any trouble but now I'm in college; I have to start learning. How do people do that?
What I need is simple; someone telling me (or writing down for me) Straight facts. When A happens, you must do B.
then, I can do assignments with that knowledge. But not alone. I have to have someone beside me to answer my questions directly. "Is this +?" "yes." Simply because I'm to insecure and I'm terrified to make mistakes. (so badly that I rather quit than screw it up)
Anyway. I know this is impossible to achieve. But right now, I don't know what to do. I can't follow lessons, I can't read the books. I can't ask someone to summarize everything for me.
Now what? I'm failing terribly.
Yet I love my fellow students, my current dorm and I don't want to leave. Besides, I have no idea what to do if I quit. I have no idea who would hire a college drop out...........

it's anoying. I know I can do it dammit. I'm just completely tied down :c
Stupid god damned school systems


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Girl, dutch, weird, energetic, one-of-the-guys, hate sports (no.. this does not mean I'm fat), never put any effort into school even though I should, Never do anything I should do actually, addicted to English language, write when I feel miserable, trying to keep up with fairytail, always in lots of trouble. Yeah.. that's me ;D

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