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Nope.. I'm not talking about boys or relationships.
I'm talking about the love I can't avoid even if I wanted to;  My big brothers.
I love them with all my heart and more if that's possible. They always were my idols, my examples in life, all 3 of them.

Yet they always cause me so much sorrow.
When I got older I noticed all their problems with money and drugs and it worried me like hell.
Tonight one of them has been taken into an emergency clinic for addicts. Cocaïne had been controlling his life for over 10 Years now.

Some how it is only now I realize how I probably don't even know him. Like... I only know him as his addicted-self. I can vaguely remember how he used to be when he was younger; serious but really caring. He hardly ever showed any love but when he did it was the most sincere.

But he is 12 years older than me so he started doing drugs before I was old enough to realise the change.
He slowly turned into someone I am ashamed to call my brother. Many girls, using them. Horrible humour.. Acting like the pretty boy. And he is but the attitude is sickening. Ignoring his daughter and hating her now-single mother.
This isn't him.
I hope...

Uhg it just all sucks.
I can't stop overthinking it.
And I know he's in good hands now, and he called them himself so he acknowledges his situation.
But still;
My brother is taken into an emergency clinic.
My sweet brother...

He's gonna be okay
It's all gonna be okay

It's all gonna be okay..


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Girl, dutch, weird, energetic, one-of-the-guys, hate sports (no.. this does not mean I'm fat), never put any effort into school even though I should, Never do anything I should do actually, addicted to English language, write when I feel miserable, trying to keep up with fairytail, always in lots of trouble. Yeah.. that's me ;D

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